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[译]OOSE第8章:Construction 软件构建 8.2 The design model 设计模型

8.2 The design model8.2 设计模型8.2.1Traceability8.2.1 可跟踪性The design model will further refine theanalysis model in the light of the

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[译]OOSE第8章:Construction 软件构建 8.1 Introduction

<br /> <br />8.1 Introduction<br />8.1 介绍<br />8.1.1   Why do we have a construction process?<br />8.1.1   为什么我们需要一个软件构建过程<br />We build our system in the constructionphase, based on the analysis model and the requirements model created duringanalysis.

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[译]OOSE第7章:Analysis 分析 7.3 The analysis model 分析模型 & 7.4 Summary

<br /> <br />7.3 The analysis model<br />7.3 分析模型<br />When the requirements model has been developed,and often also signed off by the orderers, we can focus on the structuring ofthe system. This is done initially by developing the analysis model. In t

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[译]OOSE第7章:Analysis 分析 7.2 The requirements model 需求模型

<br /> <br />7.2 The requirements model<br />7.2  需求模型<br /> <br />7.2.1   System development based on userrequirements<br />7.2.1   系统开发基于用户的需求<br />   Therequirements model aims to delimit the system and define the functionality thatthe system shou

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[译]OOSE第7章:Analysis 分析 7.1 Introduction

<br /> <br />7.1 Introduction<br />7.1 介绍<br />7.1.1   Why an analysis process?<br />7.1.1  为什么需要分析过程?<br />The aim of the analysis phase is toanalyze, specify and define the system to be built. The models developed willdescribe what the system is to d

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[译]OOSE第6章:Architecture 体系结构 6.7 实施模型 & 6.8 测试模型 & 6.9 总结

<br /><br />6.7 The implementation model<br />6.7 实施模型<br />The implementationmodel consists of the annotated source code. The information space is the onethat the programming language uses. Note that we do not require an object-orientedprogramming l

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[译]OOSE第6章:Architecture 体系结构 6.6 设计模型

<br /> <br />6.6 The design model<br />6.6 设计模型<br />6.6.1   The design model's object<br />6.6.1设计模型对象<br />In theconstruction process, we construct the system using both the analysis model andthe requirements model. First, we create a design model th

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[译]OOSE第6章:Architecture 体系结构 6.5 分析模型

<br /> <br />6.5 Analysis model<br />6.5.1   The objects of the analysis model<br />We have seen that the requirements modelaims to define the limitations of the system and to specify its behavior. Whenthe requirements model has been developed and appr

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[译]OOSE第6章:Architecture 体系结构 6.4 需求模型

<br /> <br />6.4 Requirements model<br />6.4 需求模型<br />6.4.1   Actorsand use cases<br />6.4.1角色和用例<br />The firsttransformation made is from the requirement specification to the requirementsmodel. The requirements model consists of:<br />•    A use c

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[译]OOSE第6章:Architecture 体系结构 6.3 模型体系结构

<br /><br />6.3 Model architecture<br />6.3 模型体系结构<br />We have seen that system development isbasically concerned with developing models of the system. The work is concernedwith both identifying and describing objects in a certain information space,

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[译]OOSE第6章:Architecture 体系结构 6.2 系统研发即模型构建

<br /> <br />6.2 System development is model building<br />6.2 系统研发即模型构建<br />6.2.1Models<br />6.2.1模型<br />System developmentis a complex task. Several different aspects must be taken into consideration.What we wish to achieve is a reliable computer

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[译]OOSE第6章:Architecture 体系结构 6.1 Introduction

<br /> <br />6.1 Introduction<br />This chapterdiscusses the architecture of the pyramid (see Figure 6.1). Here, we wish toprovide a reason and motivation for the models created and the concepts usedwhen working with Object-Oriented Software Engineer

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[译]OOSE第5章:面向对象的程序设计 5.6 An example & 5.7 Summary

<br />5.6 An example<br />We shall here consider how we can use the classes from Chapter 3 to construct a whole game, where people interact with each other. The people involved are a father with his two sons, a woman and an anonymous person. We shall begin

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[译]OOSE第5章:面向对象的程序设计 5.5 Polymorphism

<br />5.5 Polymorphism<br />The algorithm discussed in the previous section shows clearly that the receiving instance is responsible for searching for and finding the appropriate operation to be executed. Polymorphism means that the transmitter of a stimul

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[译]OOSE第5章:面向对象的程序设计 5.4 Inheritance

<br />5.4 Inheritance<br />Inheritance means that we can develop a new class merely by stating how it differs from another, already existing class. The new class then inherits the existing class. The main advantage with this approach is that existing class

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[译]OOSE第5章:面向对象的程序设计 5.3 Classes and instances

<br />5.3 Classes and instances<br />In object-oriented languages, each object is described by a class. This class is both a module for source code and a type for the class instances. The programming language Ada comes close to this approach with the packa

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[译]OOSE第5章:面向对象的程序设计 5.2 对象

<br />5.2 OBJECT<br />5.2 对象<br />The most important concept that an object-oriented language must support is the object concept. Thus the language must support the definition of a set of operations for the object, namely the object's interface, and an imp

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[译]OOSE第5章:面向对象的程序设计 5.1 介绍

<br /><br />5.1 Introduction<br />5.1 介绍<br />Object-oriented programming essentially means programming using objects and the other concepts introduced in Chapter 3. In this chapter, we describe how the concepts are used in a programming language and how t

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[译]OOSE第4章:面向对象系统的研发 4.6 总结

<br />4.6 Summary<br />4.6 总结<br />The development of qualitative software systems should be carried out using a development method. Different methods focus on different quality properties. Additionally, different models have been proposed to describe the 

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[译]OOSE第4章:面向对象系统的研发 4.5 面向对象的测试

4.5 Object-oriented testing4.5 面向对象的测试The testing of a system which has been developed with an object-oriented method does not differ considerably from the testing of a system developed by any other method. In both cases, we verify the system, namely check

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