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Debian9现在是RC2测试阶段,想在发布后将我的DEbian8直接升级,不想再重装系统。 上网找了找,说是步骤很简单:更新Debian8$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade修改软件源/etc/apt/sources.list,将代表Debian8的jessie改成代表Debian9的stretch$ sed s/jessie/stretc

2017-04-04 17:22:42

《AutoCAD .NET开发指南2012版》翻译整理已完成,欢迎大家下载!

《AutoCAD .NET开发指南2012版》根据AutoDesk公司网站上的AutoCAD .NET Developer's Guide2012版翻译整理。主要内容包括AutoCAD .NET API介绍、使用AutoCAD .NET API控制AutoCAD工作环境、创建及编辑AutoCAD实体、创建和编辑尺寸标注、3D图形处理、定义打印布局、打印输出、处理AutoCAD事件,以及使用Microsoft Visual Studio的错误处理、应用程序发布等。涵盖了AutoCAD .NET二次开发所涉及的

2014-02-08 10:38:14

AutoCAD .Net开发指南第4部分关于标注和公差的内容翻译完了!

AutoCAD .Net开发指南第4部分关于标注和公差的内容翻译完了!已经制作成pdf文件,有章节标签,欢迎大家下载指正。下载地址:http://download.csdn.net/detail/sunchengbo2007/6704657这次文档里只有中文,原文删掉了,想对照原文看的话,见http://exchange.autodesk.com/autocad/enu/o

2013-12-16 15:13:33

03-07 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(七) 向图形中添加文字(4)使用Unicode字符及其他...

4、UseUnicode Characters, Control Codes, and Special Characters使用Unicode字符、控制码、特殊字符You can use Unicode characters, controlcodes, and special characters in a text string to represent symbols. (Allnont

2012-04-28 12:45:59

03-07 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(七) 向图形中添加文字(3)使用多行文字

3、Use MultilineText (MText)使用多行文字(MText命令)For long, complex entries, createmultiline text (MText). Multiline text fits a specified width but can extendvertically to an indefinite length. You can for

2012-04-24 10:23:21

03-07 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(七) 向图形中添加文字(2)使用单行文字

2、UseSingle-Line Text (Text) 使用单行文字(Text命令)The text you add to your drawings conveysa variety of information. It may be a complex specification, title blockinformation, a label, or even part of the

2012-04-17 11:23:55

03-07 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(七) 向图形中添加文字(1)使用文字样式

Add Text to Drawings向图形中添加文字Text conveys important information in yourdrawing. Use text objects for title blocks, to label parts of the drawing, togive specifications, or to make annotations.图形中的文

2012-04-16 12:42:10

03-06 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(六) 保存和恢复图层状态

Save and Restore Layer States保存和恢复图层状态You can save layer states in a drawing andrestore them later. This makes it easy to return to specified settings for alllayers during different stages when comp

2012-04-13 09:09:16

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(3)使用线型

3、Workwith Linetypes使用线型A linetype is a repeating pattern ofdashes, dots, and blank spaces. A complex linetype is a repeating pattern ofsymbols. To use a linetype you must first load it into your dr

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2011-09-29 13:04:26

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(2)使用颜色

2、Work with Colors使用颜色You can assign a color to an individual object in a drawing using its Color or ColorIndex property. The ColorIndex p

2011-09-14 11:25:23

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-9)

1.9、Erase Layers删除图层You can erase a layer at any time during a drawing session. You cannot erase the current layer, layer 0, an xref-depen

2011-08-31 17:40:55

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-8)

1.8、Assign a Linetype to a Layer指定图层线型When you are defining layers, linetypes provide another way to convey visual information. A linetype

2011-08-31 17:17:42

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-7)

1.7、Assign Color to a Layer指定图层颜色Each layer can have its own color assigned to it. Colors for a layer are identified by the Color object w

2011-08-23 13:21:24

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-6)

1.6、Lock and Unlock Layers锁定和解锁图层You cannot edit objects on a locked layer; however, they are still visible if the layer is on and thawed.

2011-08-22 11:15:48

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-5)

1.5、Freeze and Thaw Layers冻结和解冻图层You can freeze layers to speed up display changes, improve object selection performance, and reduce regen

2011-08-22 10:32:47

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-4)

1.4、Turn Layers On and Off打开和关闭图层Layers in which are turned off are regenerated with the drawing but are not displayed or plotted. By turn

2011-08-22 10:07:10

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-3)

1.3、Make a Layer Current将图层设为当前图层You are always drawing on the active layer. When you make a layer active, you create new objects on that

2011-08-18 15:58:09

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-2)

1.2、Create and Name Layers 创建并命名图层You can create new layers and assign color and linetype properties to those layers. Each individual laye

2011-08-18 12:25:45

03-05 创建和编辑AutoCAD实体(五) 使用图层、颜色和线型(1)使用图层(1-1)

Use Layers, Colors, and Linetypes使用图层、颜色和线型Layers are like transparent overlays on which you organize and group different kinds of drawing

2011-08-18 11:53:45


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