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Largest Rectangle in a Histogram//HDU - 1506

Largest Rectangle in a Histogram//HDU - 1506题目A histogram is a polygon composed of a sequence of rectangles aligned at a common base line. The rectangles have equal widths but may have different he...

2020-02-26 14:24:07

Fence Planning//并查集

Fence Planning//并查集题目Farmer John’s N cows, conveniently numbered 1…N (2≤N≤105), have a complex social structure revolving around “moo networks” — smaller groups of cows that communicate within thei...

2020-02-24 21:23:00


Snakes//dp题目According to legend, St. Patrick banished all of the snakes in Mooland over a thousand years ago. However, snakes have since made their way back to Mooland! St. Patrick’s day was on Mar...

2020-02-24 21:14:33

Livestock Lineup//全排列

Livestock Lineup//全排列题目Every day, Farmer John milks his 8 dairy cows, named Bessie, Buttercup, Belinda, Beatrice, Bella, Blue, Betsy, and Sue. The cows are rather picky, unfortunately, and require ...

2020-02-19 23:13:34

Bad Hair Day//POJ - 3250//单调栈

Bad Hair Day//POJ - 3250//单调栈题目Some of Farmer John’s N cows (1 ≤ N ≤ 80,000) are having a bad hair day! Since each cow is self-conscious about her messy hairstyle, FJ wants to count the number of o...

2020-02-16 19:26:42

Sliding Window//POJ - 2823//单调队列

Sliding Window//POJ - 2823//单调队列题目An array of size n ≤ 10 6 is given to you. There is a sliding window of size k which is moving from the very left of the array to the very right. You can only see ...

2020-02-12 11:50:32

Expedition//POJ - 2431//优先队列

Expedition//POJ - 2431//优先队列题目A group of cows grabbed a truck and ventured on an expedition deep into the jungle. Being rather poor drivers, the cows unfortunately managed to run over a rock and pu...

2020-02-11 10:49:40

Round Numbers//POJ - 3252//数位dp

Round Numbers//POJ - 3252//数位dp题目The cows, as you know, have no fingers or thumbs and thus are unable to play Scissors, Paper, Stone’ (also known as ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, ‘Ro, Sham, Bo’, and a h...

2020-02-10 11:49:21

Bomb//HDU - 3555//数位dp

Bomb//HDU - 3555//数位dp题目The counter-terrorists found a time bomb in the dust. But this time the terrorists improve on the time bomb. The number sequence of the time bomb counts from 1 to N. If the ...

2020-02-10 11:13:20

Kejin Player//HDU - 6656//概率dp/求逆元

Kejin Player//HDU - 6656//概率dp/求逆元题目Cuber QQ always envies those Kejin players, who pay a lot of RMB to get a higher level in the game. So he worked so hard that you are now the game designer of th...

2020-02-10 10:24:34

不要62//HDU - 2089//数位dp

不要62//HDU - 2089//数位dp题目杭州人称那些傻乎乎粘嗒嗒的人为62(音:laoer)。杭州交通管理局经常会扩充一些的士车牌照,新近出来一个好消息,以后上牌照,不再含有不吉利的数字了,这样一来,就可以消除个别的士司机和乘客的心理障碍,更安全地服务大众。不吉利的数字为所有含有4或62的号码。例如:62315 73418 88914都属于不吉利号码。但是,61152虽然含有...

2020-02-08 21:19:43

Long Path//CodeForces - 407B//dp

Long Path//CodeForces - 407B//dp题目One day, little Vasya found himself in a maze consisting of (n + 1) rooms, numbered from 1 to (n + 1). Initially, Vasya is at the first room and to get out of the ...

2020-02-07 21:41:04

Dice//LightOJ - 1248//概率dp

Dice//LightOJ - 1248//概率dp题目Given a dice with n sides, you have to find the expected number of times you have to throw that dice to see all its faces at least once. Assume that the dice is fair, th...

2020-02-07 17:29:53

最少拦截系统//HDU - 1257//dp

最少拦截系统//HDU - 1257//dp题目某国为了防御敌国的导弹袭击,发展出一种导弹拦截系统.但是这种导弹拦截系统有一个缺陷:虽然它的第一发炮弹能够到达任意的高度,但是以后每一发炮弹都不能超过前一发的高度.某天,雷达捕捉到敌国的导弹来袭.由于该系统还在试用阶段,所以只有一套系统,因此有可能不能拦截所有的导弹.怎么办呢?多搞几套系统呗!你说说倒蛮容易,成本呢?成本是个大问题啊.所以俺就...

2020-02-07 15:50:23

Piggy-Bank//HDU - 1114//完全背包

Piggy-Bank//HDU - 1114//完全背包题目Before ACM can do anything, a budget must be prepared and the necessary financial support obtained. The main income for this action comes from Irreversibly Bound Money...

2020-02-05 23:32:51

Coins//POJ - 1742//多重背包

Coins//POJ - 1742//多重背包题目People in Silverland use coins.They have coins of value A1,A2,A3…An Silverland dollar.One day Tony opened his money-box and found there were some coins.He decided to buy a ...

2020-02-04 21:39:26

ROADS//POJ - 1724//dijkstra

ROADS//POJ - 1724//dijkstra题目N cities named with numbers 1 … N are connected with one-way roads. Each road has two parameters associated with it : the road length and the toll that needs to be paid...

2020-02-04 12:08:34

CD//UVA - 624//记录路径的01背包

CD//UVA - 624//记录路径的01背包题目You have a long drive by car ahead. You have a tape recorder, but unfortunately your best music is onCDs. You need to have it on tapes so the problem to solve is: you hav...

2020-02-02 13:50:03

青蛙的约会//POJ - 1061//数论

青蛙的约会//POJ - 1061//数论题目两只青蛙在网上相识了,它们聊得很开心,于是觉得很有必要见一面。它们很高兴地发现它们住在同一条纬度线上,于是它们约定各自朝西跳,直到碰面为止。可是它们出发之前忘记了一件很重要的事情,既没有问清楚对方的特征,也没有约定见面的具体位置。不过青蛙们都是很乐观的,它们觉得只要一直朝着某个方向跳下去,总能碰到对方的。但是除非这两只青蛙在同一时间跳到同一点上,...

2020-01-31 11:28:17

Co-prime//HDU - 4135//数论

Co-prime//HDU - 4135//数论题目Given a number N, you are asked to count the number of integers between A and B inclusive which are relatively prime to N.Two integers are said to be co-prime or relative...

2020-01-30 21:07:29


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