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TA的排名 8w+


一、var obj = { "name":1, "address":2};var len = Object.keys(obj).length;console.log(len); //长度为2二、var len =0;for(var i in obj){ len++;}三、Object.getOwnPropertyNam...

2020-03-27 21:03:10

JS高程 Chp.7 函数表达式 思维导图

2020-03-23 10:10:51

JS高程 Chp.6 面向对象的程序设计 思维导图

2020-03-23 10:03:59

JS高程 Chp.4 变量、作用域和内存问题 思维导图

2020-03-23 09:36:35



2020-01-19 13:59:57

IE11 F12 调试工具错误:exception during Domexplorer.initialize: error: an error has occurredJsPlugin.3005


2020-01-19 13:45:43


可能因为编辑器使用的编码不对,可以尝试将VScode的Files.Auto Guess Encoding选项打开 也有可能Files.Auto Guess Encodingd打开了,但是它猜错了,需要自己手动设置编码 HTML中要设置 <metacharset="utf-8"> <scriptsrc="js/gjzd.js"...

2020-01-19 13:43:52


CSS样式:z-index works only when elements are positioned(position:absolute, position:relative, or position:fixed) 透明度的设置: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); //参数分别为r,g,b的值和透明度(0-1) border-radius: border-ra...

2020-01-19 13:25:16


遍历对象(键值对)或数组:for-in循环for(var key in object) { console.log(key + ":" + object[key]); //可以取得键key和对应的值object[key] } var arr =["a","b","c","d"]; var obj = { ...

2020-01-19 10:29:00

JS高程 Chp.20 JSON 思维导图

2019-10-30 10:45:04

JS高程 Chp.12 DOM2、DOM3 思维导图

2019-10-30 10:43:12

JS高程 Chp.11 DOM 扩展 思维导图

2019-10-30 10:41:27

JS高程 Chp.10 DOM 思维导图

2019-10-30 10:38:28

vscode 配置 git

想在vscode里使用git,但是source control 一打开。。。 excuse me?????其实只要简单设置下就好啦vscode ——> settings ——> Use split JSON 勾选,这样才能看到设置的默认值也就是下图左侧,不设置这个的话一打开settings.json简直是懵逼的好吗。。。然后直接搜索git p...

2019-08-31 23:35:49

【PAT】1117 Eddington Number (25 分)

British astronomer Eddington liked to ride a bike. It is said that in order to show off his skill, he has even defined an "Eddington number",E-- that is, the maximum integerEsuch that it is forE...

2019-03-31 16:31:56

【PAT】1118 Birds in Forest (25 分) - 并查集

Some scientists took pictures of thousands of birds in a forest. Assume that all the birds appear in the same picture belong to the same tree. You are supposed to help the scientists to count the maxi...

2019-03-31 15:10:12

【PAT】1125 Chain the Ropes (25 分) - 排序

Given some segments of rope, you are supposed to chain them into one rope. Each time you may only fold two segments into loops and chain them into one piece, as shown by the figure. The resulting chai...

2019-03-25 16:23:37

【PAT】1130 Infix Expression (25 分) - DFS中序遍历

Given a syntax tree (binary), you are supposed to output the corresponding infix expression, with parentheses reflecting the precedences of the operators.Input Specification:Each input file contai...

2019-03-22 17:06:24

【PAT】1129 Recommendation System (25 分)

Recommendation system predicts the preference that a user would give to an item. Now you are asked to program a very simple recommendation system that rates the user's preference by the number of time...

2019-03-21 17:05:56

【PAT】1111 Online Map (30 分)-Dijkstra

Input our current position and a destination, an online map can recommend several paths. Now your job is to recommend two paths to your user: one is the shortest, and the other is the fastest. It is g...

2019-03-11 11:33:32


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