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DL-2-week1-Practical aspects of Deep Learning

[TOC] 1. Practical aspects of Deep Learning

2018-07-19 14:47:45

[7kyu] Ones and Zeros

Given an array of one’s and zero’s convert the equivalent binary value to an integer.Eg: [0, 0, 0, 1] is treated as 0001 which is the binary representation of 1.Examples:Testing: [0, 0, 0, 1] ==...

2018-07-09 18:07:02

[7kyu] Pizza Payments

Kate and Michael want to buy a pizza and share it. Depending on the price of the pizza, they are going to divide the costs:If the pizza is less than €5,- Michael invites Kate, so Michael pays the f...

2018-07-09 17:50:52

[8kyu] Is it a number?

Given a string s, write a method (function) that will return true if its a valid single integer or floating number or false if its not. Valid examples, should return true:isDigit("3")isDigit(" 3 ...

2018-07-09 17:36:54

如何远程访问jupyter notebook

1.前提条件2.生成配置文件3.修改默认配置文件4.建立SSH通道5.远程访问jupyter notebook1.前提条件已经在服务器上安装好jupyter notebook或anaconda 参考:ubuntu16.04安装AnacondaUbuntu16.04 Jupyter安装(Ipython Notebook安装 2.生成配置文件...

2018-03-25 10:33:11

DL-1-week4-Deep neural network

4 Deep neural network4.1 Deep L-layer Neural network4.2 Forward Propagatin in a Deep Network4.3 Getting your matrix dimensions right4.4 Why deep representations?4.5&4.6 Building blocks of d...

2018-03-10 16:22:42

DL-1-week3-One hidden layer Neural Network

3 One hidden layer Neural Network3.1&3.2 Neural Networks Overview & Neural Network Representation3.3 Computing a Neural Network’s Output3.4 Vectorizing across multiple examples3.5 Explan...

2018-03-08 09:48:14

DL-1-week2-Basics of Neural Network Programming

2 Basics of Neural Network Programming2.1 Binary Classification2.2 Logistic Regression2.3 Logistic Regression cost function2.4 Gradient Descent2.5 Derivatives2.6 More derivatives examples2.7 ...

2018-03-04 18:01:31

DL-1-week1-Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction to Deep LearningWhat is neural network?Example: Housing Price PredictionReLu function single neural network A larger neural network is then formed by taking many of these singl...

2018-03-04 16:42:10


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2018-03-04 16:27:23
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