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PAT (Advanced Level) 1001 A+B Format

1001 A+B Format (20 分)Calculate a+b and output the sum in standard format -- that is, the digits must be separated into groups of three by commas (unless there are less than four digits).Input Speci...

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ACM-ICPC 2018 徐州赛区网络预赛 Characters with Hash

Characters with Hash 问答 问题反馈 只看题面 26.98% 1000ms 262144K Mur loves hash algorithm, and he sometimes encrypt another one’s name, and call him with that encrypted value. For instance, he calls Kimu...

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到了大三本该是算法学完只剩缝缝补补的过程,但是到了最后回顾自己的大2和暑假,为了蝇头小利,去做自媒体,去卖东西,怎么讲是体验了社会,人心险恶,有关钱的事都不是好事,如果是朋友,我宁愿用这钱交个朋友,可是真的不缺这点钱,用心心搞奖学金,都有一万呢,沉下心,在9月底前吧,学完所有算法,准备省赛,最后一年拿出水平.lca 解决最近公共祖先问题怎么解决的呢, 这是个暴力dfs 记忆化,并且用利用 ...

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codeforce 469 B C -模拟 -构造

标题 ## B. Chat Online Little X and Little Z are good friends. They always chat online. But both of them have schedules.Little Z has fixed schedule. He always online at any moment o...

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1.必须知道自己每天都干了什么.2.一个小时后,必须要自己休息10分钟,放松身体,要养成习惯.3.每天11:40 一定要躺在床上,那么安排下来{ 早上7:00 起床 吃早饭洗刷 30分钟 7:30-8:00 看30分钟英文书 8:00-8:30 剪视频 9:00-11:00 cf: 12:00-5:00 有比赛比赛 ...

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codeforce_845c_Two TVs

Two TVsPolycarp is a great fan of television.He wrote down all the TV programs he is interested in for today. His list contains n shows, i-th of them starts at moment li and ends at moment ri.Po...

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Driving TestPolycarp has just attempted to pass the driving test. He ran over the straight road with the signs of four types.speed limit: this sign comes with a positive integer number — maximal s...

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Diversity Time Limit: 1000msMemory Limit: 262144KB This problem will be judged on CodeForces. Original ID: 844A 64-bit integer IO format: %I64d Java class name: (Any) Prev Submit Status Statis...

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codeforces 844B Rectangles (概率)

RectanglesYou are given n × m table. Each cell of the table is colored white or black. Find the number of non-empty sets of cells such that:All cells in a set have the same color. Every two cells...

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ZSQ_(原创题)_DJ的大脑风暴 i_(SZY_4_3_01_20_AC)

DJ最近生病了,人一生病脑子就会想太多,突然DJ脑洞大开。DJ最近困惑于POJ那题经典的食物链,脑海中一直萦绕着N个物种。每个物种存在两个独立的价值A, B,如果一个物种X两类价值中的一类比另一种物种Y高,则物种X能吃掉物种Y;Input 对于每组数据,第一行输入一个整数N(1<=N<=100000)接着N行,每行输入两个整数Ai, Bi(1<=A,B<=...

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#include<bits/stdc++.h>using namespace std;long long t[10009];int main(){ char a[10]; int ans=0; for(long long i=1;;i++) { int sum=0; sprintf...

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链接:https://www.nowcoder.com/acm/contest/90/A 来源:牛客网 A 小明在坐景驰科技研发的无人车到达了目的地。 景驰科技(JingChi.ai)是一家由人工智能技术驱动、以无人驾驶技术为核心的智能出行公司。它将打造面向中国市场的全无人驾驶。 从无人车下来以后,小明看到了一个长长的楼梯。 有一个n级台阶的楼梯,小明一次可以向上跳1步,两步,甚至是n...

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c 字符读入%s_gets_%[^\n]

一、快速了解1.scanf( )函数和gets( )函数都可用于输入字符串,但在功能上有区别。若想从键盘上输入字符串”hi hello”,则应该使用gets函数。2.gets可以接收空格,回车结束,gets(s)是输入一行;而scanf(%s)遇到空格、回车和Tab键都会认为输入结束,所有它不能接收空格。char string[15]; gets(string); /遇到回车认为输...

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The GeoSurvComp geologic survey company is responsible for detecting underground oil deposits. GeoSurvComp works with one large rectangular region of land at a time, and creates a grid that divides th...

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IntroductionYou're in space.You want to get home.There are asteroids.You don't want to hit them.InputInput to this problem will consist of a (non-empty) series of up to 100 data sets. Each data set

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Problem Description Angel was caught by the MOLIGPY! He was put in prison by Moligpy. The prison is described as a N * M (N, M <= 200) matrix. There are WALLs, ROADs, and GUARDs in the prison.Angel’s

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Yet Another Multiple ProblemThere are tons of problems about integer multiples. Despite the fact that the topic is not original, the content is highly challenging. That’s why we call it “Yet Another

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Anniversary partyProblem Description There is going to be a party to celebrate the 80-th Anniversary of the Ural State University. The University has a hierarchical structure of employees. It means th

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