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C++中const的实现机制深入分析C语言以及C++语言中的const究竟表示什么?其具体的实现机制又是如何实现的呢?本文将对这两个问题进行一些分析,需要了解的朋友可以参考下问题 C语言以及C++语言中的const究竟表示什么?其具体的实现机制又是如何实现的呢? 本文将对这两个问题进行一些分析,简单解释const的含义以及实现

2014-09-20 09:15:52

2.2.2---Subset Sums (01)

For many sets of consecutive integers from 1 through N (1 For example, if N=3, one can partition the set {1, 2, 3} in one way so that the sums of both subsets are identical:{3} and {1,2}This

2013-06-01 14:45:19

2.2.1---Preface Numbering

A certain book's prefaces are numbered in upper case Roman numerals. Traditional Roman numeral values use a single letter to represent a certain subset of decimal numbers. Here is the standard set:

2013-05-01 17:10:43

2.1.2---Ordered Fractions

Consider the set of all reduced fractions between 0 and 1 inclusive with denominators less than or equal to N.Here is the set when N = 5:0/1 1/5 1/4 1/3 2/5 1/2 3/5 2/3 3/4 4/5 1/1Write a progr

2013-05-01 14:59:04

2.1.5---Hamming Codes

Given N, B, and D: Find a set of N codewords (1 <= N <= 64), each of length B bits (1 <= B <= 8), such that each of the codewords is at least Hamming distance of D (1 <= D <= 7) away from each of the

2013-05-01 14:54:04

2.1.4---Healthy Holsteins

Farmer John prides himself on having the healthiest dairy cows in the world. He knows the vitamin content for one scoop of each feed type and the minimum daily vitamin requirement for the cows. Help F

2013-05-01 13:08:17

2.1.3---Sorting a Three-Valued Sequence

Sorting is one of the most frequently performed computational tasks. Consider the special sorting problem in which the records to be sorted have at mostthree different key values. This happens for ins

2013-04-30 16:30:48

2.1.1---The Castle

In a stroke of luck almost beyond imagination, Farmer John was sent a ticket to the Irish Sweepstakes (really a lottery) for his birthday. This ticket turned out to have only the winning number for th

2013-04-30 13:35:16

1.5.4---Checker Challenge

Examine the 6x6 checkerboard below and note that the six checkers are arranged on the board so that one and only one is placed in each row and each column, and there is never more than one in any diag

2013-04-25 20:28:20

1.5.3---Superprime Rib

Butchering Farmer John's cows always yields the best prime rib. You can tell prime ribs by looking at the digits lovingly stamped across them, one by one, by FJ and the USDA. Farmer John ensures that

2013-04-24 19:42:39


1 #include string str="12345"; int b=atoi(str.c_str()); 2【转】C++ int,char,string,CString类型转换(整理总结)#include //使用C++标准库的string类时using namespace std; //同上#incl

2013-04-23 20:28:51

1.5.1---Number Triangles

Consider the number triangle shown below. Write a program that calculates the highest sum of numbers that can be passed on a route that starts at the top and ends somewhere on the base. Each step can

2013-04-23 10:48:28

1.4.4---Mother's Milk

Farmer John has three milking buckets of capacity A, B, and C liters. Each of the numbers A, B, and C is an integer from 1 through 20, inclusive. Initially, buckets A and B are empty while bucket C is

2013-04-23 10:10:39

1.4.3---Arithmetic Progressions

An arithmetic progression is a sequence of the form a, a+b, a+2b, ..., a+nb where n=0,1,2,3,... . For this problem, a is a non-negative integer and b is a positive integer.Write a program that finds

2013-04-21 18:04:53

1.4.2---The Clocks

The ClocksIOI'94 - Day 2Consider nine clocks arranged in a 3x3 array thusly:|-------| |-------| |-------| | | | | | | | |---O | |---O | | O |

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C++ STL中的一个可以方便的生成全排列的算法:#include bool next_permutation( iterator start, iterator end );使用举例:#include #include #include  using namespace std; int main(){    string str;

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Pick Apples

Problem DescriptionA long time ago, there was another Garden of Eden which produces three kinds of apples. The number of them were infinite.Each kind of apple had Si size and Pi value.One day, Ada

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Problem Description  In the land of League of Legends ruled some kingdoms.The land had a rectangular form and each kingdom was a sub-rectangle.These kingdoms had developed a strange rivalry: the f

2013-04-13 11:30:09

Water Bills

DescriptionIt's 30 century. And water has become very expensive. Recently, your water company raised the rates once more. The table below shows the new rates (consumption is always a positive in

2013-04-13 10:31:30

Stone Problem

Problem Description  There is an new stone game, played on an arbitrary general tree. The goal is to put one stone on the root of tree observing the following rules:     1.people can only put ston

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