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Eclipse 就像软件开发者的『打铁铺』,它一开始备有火炉、铁钻 与铁锤。就像铁匠会用现有的工具打造新的工具,也能用Eclipse 打 造新工具来开发软件-这些新工具可扩充Eclipse 的功能。(Eclipse 其中一个卖点就是它的扩充性)



我们经常在C 设计时通过使用回调函数可以使有些应用(如定时器事件回调处理、用回调函数记录某操作进度等)变得非常方便和符合逻辑,那么它的内在机制如何呢,怎么定义呢?它和其它函数(比如钩子函数)有何不同呢?


Cypress CyAPI Programmer's Reference

CyAPI.lib provides a simple, powerful C++ programming interface to USB devices. More specifically, it is a C++ class library that provides a high-level programming interface to the CyUsb.sys device driver. The library is only able to communicate with USB devices that are served by (i.e. matched to) this driver. Rather than communicate with the driver via Windows API calls such as SetupDiXxxx and DeviceIoControl, applications call simpler CyAPI methods such as Open, Close, and XferData to communicate with USB devices. To use the library, you need to include the header file, CyAPI.h, in files that access the CCyUSBDevice class. In addition, the statically linked CyAPI.lib file must be linked to your project. Versions of the .lib file are available for use with Microsoft Visual C++ 6 and 7, and Borland C++ Builder 6.0. The library employs a Device and EndPoints use model. To use the library you must create an instance of the CCyUSBDevice class using the new keyword. A CCyUSBDevice object knows how many USB devices are attached to the CyUsb.sys driver and can be made to abstract any one of those devices at a time by using the Open method. An instance of CCyUSBDevice exposes several methods and data members that are device-specific, such as DeviceName, DevClass, VendorID, ProductID, and SetAltIntfc. When a CCyUSBDevice object is open to an attached USB device, its endpoint members provide an interface for peforming data transfers to and from the device's endpoints. Endpoint-specific data members and methods such as MaxPktSize, TimeOut, bIn, Reset and XferData are only accessible through endpoint members of a CCyUSBDevice object. In addition to its simplicity, the class library facilitates creation of sophisticated applications as well. The CCyUSBDevice constructor automatically registers the application for Windows USB Plug and Play event notification. This allows your application to support "hot plugging" of devices. Also, the asynchronous BeginDataXfer/WaitForXfer/FinishDataXfer methods allow queueing of multiple data transfer requests on a single endpoint, thus enabling data streaming from the application level.



本读本提供的概念将引导读者逐步理解示波器的基础知识和操作方式。 本读本的后面的术语表对各术语进行了定义。针对示波器的原理和控 制,本读本列出了词汇表以及练习中设计的多项选择题,对课堂学习很 有帮助。并不要求有数学和电子学的基础知识。

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