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Understanding Digital Signal Processing - 朱光明



Unreal Engine 4 Scripting with C++ Cookbook [全彩]

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers, for game developers. With more than 100 practical recipes, this book is a guide showcasing techniques to use the power of C++ scripting while developing games with UE4. It will start with adding and editing C++ classes from within the Unreal Editor. It will delve into one of Unreal's primary strengths, the ability for designers to customize programmer-developed actors and components. It will help you understand the benefits of when and how to use C++ as the scripting tool. With a blend of task-oriented recipes, this book will provide actionable information about scripting games with UE4, and manipulating the game and the development environment using C++. Towards the end of the book, you will be empowered to become a top-notch developer with Unreal Engine 4 using C++ as the scripting language. What you will learn Build function libraries (Blueprints) containing reusable code to reduce upkeep Move low-level functions from Blueprint into C++ to improve performance Abstract away complex implementation details to simplify designer workflows Incorporate existing libraries into your game to add extra functionality such as hardware integration


Color Correction Look Book

The digital colorist's job is no longer to simply balance, fix, and optimize. Today's filmmakers often want to recreate the idiosyncrasies of older recording methods, or are looking for something completely new, to differentiate the look of a given project. Furthermore, end-to-end digital shooting, postproduction, and distribution means that stylizations and effects once created by the film lab are no longer photochemically available. The color grading suite has become the lab, and these sorts of stylizations are now part of the colorist's job description. In this follow-up volume to the bestseller Color Correction Handbook, Alexis Van Hurkman walks you through twenty-one categories of creative grading techniques, designed to give you an arsenal of stylizations you can pull out of your hat when the client asks for something special, unexpected, and unique. Each chapter presents an in-depth examination and step-by-step, cross-platform breakdown of stylistic techniques used in music videos, commercial spots, and cinema. These customizable techniques can be mixed and matched for your own unique effects and include: - bleach bypass looks - cross-processing simulation - day-for-night treatments - emulating film stocks - flat looks - glows, blooms, and gauze looks - grain, noise, and texture - greenscreen compositing workflows - lens flaring and veiling glare - light leaks and color bleeds - monitor and screen glow - monochrome looks - sharpening - tints and color washes - undertones - vibrance and targeted saturation - and many more






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