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毕业于北京工业大学的应用数学系,毕业后一直从事计算机软件开发,系统集成,网络管理和系统管理的工作,目前主要研究Mac系统和计算机网络应用在教育系统里的应用和管理。 I'm an enthusiastic technology lover and work daily in a mixed AD/OD IT environment. Like most, I strive to work on the Apple platform and tolerate the Windows one. I u

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集成适合于OS X从10.5到10.10的bash更新包,它将bash更新到目前最新的3.2.56版本 详细参考:http://blog.csdn.net/cneducation/article/details/39807859



在Windows 7的Lock屏幕中添加一个强制让当前用户退出的一个按钮。 在AD的环境中,系统默认禁止Switch User功能,而且即便在Group Policy中也无法开启这个功能,所以管理员无法在本机强制退出当前用户。这个源码就是添加这个功能的一个按钮。



在Windows 7的Lock屏幕中添加一个强制让当前用户退出的一个按钮。 在AD的环境中,系统默认禁止Switch User功能,而且即便在Group Policy中也无法开启这个功能,所以管理员无法在本机强制退出当前用户。这个源码就是添加这个功能的一个按钮。



在Windows 7的Lock屏幕中添加一个强制让当前用户退出的一个按钮。 在AD的环境中,系统默认禁止Switch User功能,而且即便在Group Policy中也无法开启这个功能,所以管理员无法在本机强制退出当前用户。这个源码就是添加这个功能的一个按钮。


设置Windows 7用户只可以运行的程序

这篇英文文章介绍了如何使用Group policy来限制用户运行程序



This app will turn the single application mode ON. For Mac OS X system only. There's another application call SingleApp_off.app, will be uploaded later.



这个帮助手册,提供了在找寻工作期间自我管理资源的一个手段/工具, 这个手册,并不是一个什么灵丹妙药,但是它提供一种有序的可管理的方式,帮助你尽快地找到工作。 语言:English


createUser 1.0.3

Createuser的使用方法 说明:这个安装包可以自动生成新用户,它提供了很好的适应性,使用于10.4以上的Mac OS X系统,可以选择添加新用户到管理员组,而且可以应用到可选择的文件卷上,适用于ARD等发布方式. 使用方法:


Create Mobile Account

This video demonstrate how to create a mobile acocunt in Mac OS X.


MS Office 2008 For Mac Preference Manifests

Quest Software has been working really hard on their Mac OS X management software. As a side effect of that, they have put together some Preference Manifests for MS Office 2008. You can use these with anything that uses manifest such as Workgroup Manager or Quest's QMX offerings. In the download you get a few things. 1. A read me 2. A MS AutoUpdate manifest 3. A MS Excel manifest 4. A MS Word manifest 5. A general MS Office manifest Good stuff all the way around if you want to manage Office 2008.


Property List Editor

Property List Editor is a part of Mac OS X deveploment tools called Xcode Tools This application is from MacBook OS X 10.5.6 Installation DVD OS: Mac OS X only Instruction: After download, double click it to mount it, open the mount point "PropertyListEditor" if it doesn't pop up automatically, and copy the .app to /Applications/ folder or anywhere else you want. Run and enjoy it. May 2009


LDapper X - ver2.0.4

LDapper is a simple LDAP client for finding e-mail addresses and browsing LDAP servers. What's new in this version: .Fixed a divide by 0 error when searching. .Progress bar in search "sheet" now goes all the way to 100% when finished. (This always bothered me.) .Window sizing preferences, etc., are now always saved rather than only being saved when it was explicitly closed. .Resizing column headers in search window no longer select/sort the column. .No longer causes "group member should be added to the database first" console messages when exporting to Address Book. .Copying an entry in a browser window now copies the entry's dn and not the word "goober". .Universal binary. .Now requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. .Address Book importer no longer uses separate bundle. .Now uses the Mac OS X LDAP framework rather than compiled OpenLDAP code. It believe that the version is OpenLDAP 2.2.19. Operating System Requirements: This product is designed to run on the following operating systems: .Mac OS X 10.4 Intel .Mac OS X 10.4 PPC .Mac OS X 10.3.9 .Mac OS X 10.3 .Mac OS X 10.2

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