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Software Testing-Selenium:What is the solution of error session deleted because of page crash

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netThere are diverse solution to this issue. This issue can be solved by either of the following solutions:1. Add the followingchrome_options:chromeOptions.addArguments("--no-san.

2020-06-01 14:45:19

Java-What is PATH and CLASSPATH?

The PATH and CLASSPATH are two most important environment variables of Java environment which is used to find the JDK binaries used to compile and run Java in windows and Linux and class files which are compiled Java bytecodes. From my personal experience

2020-05-22 17:44:12

Java-What is classpath and how to set it?

When programming in Java, you make other classes available to the class you are writing by putting something like this at the top of your source file:import x.x.MyClass;Or sometimes you 'bulk import' stuff by saying:import x.x.*;So later in your

2020-05-22 17:22:56

Software Development-What is UTF-8?

UTF-8 is a variable-width character encoding standard that uses between one and four eight-bit bytes to represent all valid Unicode code points.UTF-8 BasicsUTF-8 (Unicode Transformation–8-bit) is an encoding defined by the International Organization fo

2020-05-20 17:16:39

Java - Comparing enum members: == or equals()?

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netCan==be used onenum?Yes: enums have tight instance controls that allows you to use==to compare instances. Here's the guarantee provided by the language specification (emphasis

2020-05-19 17:49:45

Software Testing - Browser Driver在Selenium中的作用是什么

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netBrowser Driver一般是一个EXE(可执行)程序,或者浏览器的扩展程序,它使用HTTP Server持续监听Selenium2 Commands,其功能主要有:从客户端(执行自动化脚本的计算机)接收HTTP Request 确定Selenium Commands对应的用户操作 发送操作信息到浏览器 获取浏览器返回的执行状态信息 发送执行状

2020-05-14 17:44:23

Java - JDBC Best Practices

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netIn this guide, I would like to explain JDBC Best Practices. We can follow these best practices in the day to day project work...

2020-03-18 16:07:52

Java - Naming Conventions

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netJava naming conventionsare sort of guidelines that application programmers are expected to follow to produce a consistent an...

2020-03-17 14:50:14

Software Development - 正则表达式风味(引擎)对比

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.net正则表达式风味(引擎)说明风味是规范,引擎是实现。名称 说明 应用.NET 由System.Text.RegularExpressions相关类提供的正则引擎。 基于 .Net 的语言和软件。如 C#, Visual Basic.Net, F#, Powershell, Delphi for .NET 等。Java 由java.util.re

2020-01-14 17:55:48

Java - 正则表达式(看这一篇就够了)


2020-01-13 20:24:22

Java - The Event Model

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netWhat is anevent?Aneventis a signal received by a program from the operating system as a result of some action taken by t...

2019-11-07 10:47:50

Java - Guide to the Fork/Join Framework

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.net1. OverviewThe fork/join framework was presented in Java 7. It provides tools to help speed up parallel processing by attem...

2019-11-06 11:47:00

Java - A Guide to the ExecutorService

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.net1. OverviewExecutorServiceis a framework provided by the JDK which simplifies the execution of tasks in asynchronous mode....

2019-11-05 18:21:04

Java - Introduction to Thread Pools

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.net1. IntroductionThis article is a look at thread pools in Java – starting with the different implementations in the standar...

2019-11-05 18:02:02

Selenium - Difference between WebDriver.close() and WebDriver.quit()

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netSelenium webdriver provides two methods for closing a browser window - close() and quit(). Some people incorrectly use them i...

2019-10-29 11:25:29

Java - Comparing Java enum members: == or equals()?

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netCan==be used onenum?Yes: enums have tight instance controls that allows you to use==to compare instances. Here's the ...

2019-10-21 17:58:41

C++ - Understanding lvalues and rvalues in C and C++

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netThe termslvalueandrvalueare not something one runs into often in C/C++ programming, but when one does, it's usually not i...

2019-10-21 10:49:52

Python - 函数的各种不同类型参数


2019-10-18 14:54:43

Python - Python Decorators III: A Decorator-Based Build System

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netI've usedmakefor many years. I only usedantbecause it produced faster Java builds. But both build systems started out th...

2019-10-17 16:22:24

Python - Python Decorators II: Decorator Arguments

分享一个大牛的人工智能教程。零基础!通俗易懂!风趣幽默!希望你也加入到人工智能的队伍中来!请点击http://www.captainbed.netReview: Decorators without ArgumentsIn part I, I showed how to use decorators without arguments, primarily using classes as...

2019-10-17 16:04:49


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