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How to close SqlConnection via DataReader. 如何通过DataReader关闭SqlConnection

It is a common issue of how to handle SqlConnection gracefully, when implementing some general helper methods likeSqlDataReader ExecuteReader(string connectionString, CommandType commandType, stri

2008-02-22 08:29:00

SQL 2000 to SQL 2005: Where Have All the Old Features Gone?

from SQL-Server-Performance.com By : Boris Baliner   As more DBAs across the planet begin using SQL 2005 Tools, but still manage SQL 20

2007-11-02 02:38:00

How do I find all the foreign keys in a database? 如何找到一个数据库中的全部外键(FK)?

原文: http://sqlserver2000.databases.aspfaq.com/schema-how-do-i-find-all-the-foreign-keys-in-a-database.htmlSQL Server  Here is one query using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views that returns both sides of

2007-10-04 08:49:00

How to set a single wallpaper/background across dual monitors 如何设置双显示器的背景图片贯穿

1) Get the wallpaper which fits your resolution. For example, if both of your monitors resolution is 1440*900, you should look for the wallpaper of 2880*900 resolution.2) Set this image to backgrou

2007-09-07 13:17:00

Show Immediate Window in VS. 显示Visual Studio中的Immediate窗口

The Immediate window is quite useful in your debugging, but you can never find it in the menus of Visual Studio.I dont know why Microsoft wants to "hide" it, as it seems the only way to show it is qu

2007-08-17 08:20:00

Copy message box text to the clipboard. 复制Windows标准消息框中的文本

How to copy the content of a standard Windows MessageBox?Its much easier than you could image!1) Activate this MessageBox (Click the Caption of the MessageBox)2) Press Ctrl+C on this Messag

2007-08-17 08:15:00

Details of "FOR XML" sql clause in SQL-Server

SQL Server allows developers to query SQL Server and receive data in XML format via a special clause: FOR XML. This clause provides 4 different modes for the XML format returned: RAW, AUTO, EXPLICIT a

2007-03-15 11:23:00

The automation of COM+ configuration via COMAdmin (COM)

Initialization:COMAdminCatalog.Connect(""); Get Collections (COMAdminCatalogCollection):For the 1st level (e.g. Applications):applicationCollection  = COMAdminCatalog.GetCollection(

2007-03-14 04:17:00

Xml 查漏补缺笔记

 Special symbol:Sylvie Aronson The left/right angle brackets should be replaced with </> in xml node:Sylvie <Bellie> Aronson XML & CSS:Xml:xmlversion="1.0"?>xml:styleshe

2007-02-28 09:54:00

Unicode versus ANSI

Question: So what is the difference between Unicode (i386ur) and ANSI (i386r)?Answer: Put simply, a Unicode program is a special version that runs slightly faster than an ANSI one, but only runs on Wi

2007-02-16 02:47:00

Com+ debug issue: incorrect watch value and abnormal step through path

Issue:When I started  to debug a Com+ project with VC8, I saw many incorrect value in the watch window, and abnormal step through path For some CString variable: When I watch them, I can not s

2006-12-22 08:19:00

Upgrade Issue: Compile error C2327 with import dll under VC8/VS2005

Issue:When I upgrade an exe project from VC7.1 to VC8, it says upgrade succeed. But When I try to compile the project, it outputs a lot of errors.  ../debug/msado15.tlh(1024) : error C2327: C

2006-12-22 07:42:00

How to fix windows installer error: C:/Windows/Installer/xxxxxxx.ipi

When I run into the issue of the windows installer on my computer, I just noticed I can not install any software via windows installer. I just got the message of “Internal Error 2203, C:/Windows/Insta

2006-12-13 06:50:00

Upgrade Issue: Register fails after build ATL project under VC8/VS2005

Issue: An ATL/COM project can be built and registered successfully under VC7.1/VS2003. After upgrade this project to VC8/VS2005 using the upgrade wizard, it can be built successfully but can not reg

2006-12-13 03:37:00

Convert Wav file to MP3 via Windows Sound Recorder. 利用windows的录音机将wav文件转成MP3

1) All Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound Recorder2) Open the Wav file with Sound Recorder3) Click File -> Save As, the Save As dialog appears.4) Choose "All Files(*.*)" for the Save as

2006-10-31 02:20:00


第一次用C#里面的XmlDataDocument类,发现真好用:)  public void Transfer(string inXmlFilename, string outCSVFilename)  {   // open or create   FileStream fileCsv = new FileStream(outCSVFilename,FileMode.OpenOrCreate,F

2005-06-06 19:22:00


呵呵,工作了这么多年,还真没写过:)这次尝试一下...------------------------------------------------------------功能:拷贝一些相关的文件,远程路径需要根据版本号来拼出。if "%1"=="" goto NOBLDNUMBERset BLDNUM=%1SET TARGETROOT=d:/SDif not "%2"=="" SET TARG

2005-06-01 11:34:00

SQL Server中直接循环写入数据

构建测试表很有用,呵呵,事实上我就是老记不住SQL Server支持While循环,我总是习惯用FOR循环,结果在帮助里查半天总是找不到。  declare @i intset @i=1while @ibegin  insert into table (colume) values(@i)  set @i=@i+1end---------------------------------------

2005-03-15 11:27:00


请大家选用Siwen的XNote,真的相当好用哦, www.siwen.com======================================原文=========================================Siwen XNote 3.2       XNote was created to give you an easy an

2005-01-25 18:39:00


1.编写COM    接口的声明:2处            .idl file                interface IPage : IDispatch{                         [id(1), helpstring("Method Update")] HRESULT Update([in] LONG bSave);                      

2005-01-04 11:44:00


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