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文章目录计算机的基本硬件组成计算机性能提升性能计算机指令计算机的基本硬件组成三大基本部分:CPU、内存、主板芯片组和总线实现CPU和内存之间的通信显卡里有GPU南桥芯片组实现CPU和IO设备的通信冯·诺依曼体系结构,即存储程序计算机,最初设计的报告被特称为First Draft,需要处理器单元(计算)、控制器单元(流程)、内存、输入输出计算机性能响应时间、吞吐率计算机的计时...

2020-01-20 21:04:34

[LeetCode]Maximum Subarray Sum with One Deletion@Golang

Maximum Subarray Sum with One DeletionGiven an array of integers, return the maximum sum for a non-empty subarray (contiguous elements) with at most one element deletion. In other words, you want to ...

2019-11-12 22:48:04

[LeetCode]Number of Dice Rolls With Target Sum@Golang

Number of Dice Rolls With Target SumYou have d dice, and each die has f faces numbered 1, 2, …, f.Return the number of possible ways (out of fd total ways) modulo 10^9 + 7 to roll the dice so the su...

2019-11-12 22:11:29

[LeetCode]Longest Common Subsequence@Golang

Longest Common SubsequenceGiven two strings text1 and text2, return the length of their longest common subsequence.A subsequence of a string is a new string generated from the original string with s...

2019-11-08 09:06:02

[LeetCode]Stone Game II@Golang

Stone Game IIAlex and Lee continue their games with piles of stones. There are a number of piles arranged in a row, and each pile has a positive integer number of stones piles[i]. The objective of ...

2019-11-06 22:23:48

[LeetCode]Largest 1-Bordered Square@Golang

Largest 1-Bordered SquareGiven a 2D grid of 0s and 1s, return the number of elements in the largest square subgrid that has all 1s on its border, or 0 if such a subgrid doesn’t exist in the grid.Exa...

2019-11-06 16:13:42

[LeetCode]Minimum Cost Tree From Leaf Values@Golang

Minimum Cost Tree From Leaf ValuesGiven an array arr of positive integers, consider all binary trees such that:Each node has either 0 or 2 children;The values of arr correspond to the values of eac...

2019-11-05 16:35:10

[LeetCode]Filling Bookcase Shelves@Golang

Filling Bookcase ShelvesWe have a sequence of books: the i-th book has thickness books[i][0] and height books[i][1].We want to place these books in order onto bookcase shelves that have total width ...

2019-11-02 00:06:17

[LeetCode]Last Stone Weight II@Golang

Last Stone Weight IIWe have a collection of rocks, each rock has a positive integer weight.Each turn, we choose any two rocks and smash them together. Suppose the stones have weights x and y with x...

2019-10-31 23:33:19

[LeetCode]Longest String Chain@Golang

Longest String ChainGiven a list of words, each word consists of English lowercase letters.Let’s say word1 is a predecessor of word2 if and only if we can add exactly one letter anywhere in word1 to...

2019-10-30 23:55:38

[LeetCode]Longest Arithmetic Sequence@Golang

Longest Arithmetic SequenceGiven an array A of integers, return the length of the longest arithmetic subsequence in A.Recall that a subsequence of A is a list A[i_1], A[i_2], …, A[i_k] with 0 <= ...

2019-10-29 23:28:00

[LeetCode]Video Stitching@Golang

Video StitchingYou are given a series of video clips from a sporting event that lasted T seconds. These video clips can be overlapping with each other and have varied lengths.Each video clip clips[...

2019-10-21 18:39:57

[LeetCode]Minimum Cost For Tickets@Golang

Minimum Cost For TicketsIn a country popular for train travel, you have planned some train travelling one year in advance. The days of the year that you will travel is given as an array days. Each ...

2019-10-21 11:25:20

[LeetCode]Longest Turbulent Subarray@Golang

Longest Turbulent SubarrayA subarray A[i], A[i+1], …, A[j] of A is said to be turbulent if and only if:For i <= k < j, A[k] > A[k+1] when k is odd, and A[k] < A[k+1] when k is even;OR, ...

2019-10-17 15:33:06

[LeetCode]Numbers With Same Consecutive Differences@Golang

Numbers With Same Consecutive DifferencesReturn all non-negative integers of length N such that the absolute difference between every two consecutive digits is K.Note that every number in the answer...

2019-10-16 22:37:24

[LeetCode]Minimum Falling Path Sum@Golang

Minimum Falling Path SumGiven a square array of integers A, we want the minimum sum of a falling path through A.A falling path starts at any element in the first row, and chooses one element from ea...

2019-10-15 11:20:44

[LeetCode]Bitwise ORs of Subarrays@Golang

Bitwise ORs of SubarraysWe have an array A of non-negative integers.For every (contiguous) subarray B = [A[i], A[i+1], …, A[j]] (with i <= j), we take the bitwise OR of all the elements in B, obt...

2019-10-14 11:27:14

[LeetCode]Push Dominoes@Golang

Push DominoesThere are N dominoes in a line, and we place each domino vertically upright.In the beginning, we simultaneously push some of the dominoes either to the left or to the right.After each ...

2019-10-10 21:29:40

[LeetCode]Length of Longest Fibonacci Subsequence@Golang

Length of Longest Fibonacci SubsequenceA sequence X_1, X_2, …, X_n is fibonacci-like if:n >= 3X_i + X_{i+1} = X_{i+2} for all i + 2 <= nGiven a strictly increasing array A of positive intege...

2019-10-10 10:32:10

[LeetCode]Largest Sum of Averages@Python

Largest Sum of AveragesWe partition a row of numbers A into at most K adjacent (non-empty) groups, then our score is the sum of the average of each group. What is the largest score we can achieve?No...

2019-09-26 15:31:03


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