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Jenkins pipeline 流水线

This article tells how to setup a Jenkins pipeline that pulls source code from github, builds the code and tests it. It helps users to follow and setup similar pipeline.Login to Jenkins webpage. I setup a Jenkins on my local machine, in this case, the url

2020-07-08 20:54:16

ImToken 钱包的研究

This article describes the implementation of wallet library as in https://github.com/consenlabs/token-core-android. The library code was previously updated two years ago. It should be superseded by TokenCoreX. The library supports Bitcoin, Ethereum blockch

2020-07-02 15:35:42


写这篇文章是为了 solve 在建立分布式系统时需要知道的慨念。服务水平协议一个大的分布式系统每天会处理上百万的event。要如何测量系统的是正常的运行,这就需要可测量的 benchmark。availability - 99.99% , 或一年 50分钟的downtimeaccuracy - 资料需要 100% 正确吗capacity - 一秒钟多少requestlatency - 对95%的request,系统需要花多少时间回复. 对99%的request,系统又要花多少时间回复

2020-07-01 11:50:37

Clique POA in Ethereum

This article describes the Proof Of Authority (POA) consensus protocol in Ethereum.The Clique is the POA implementation in Ethereum geth. Ethereum geth is the official software release of the Ethereum blockchain. The essence of POA is blocks may only be m

2020-07-01 10:56:35

Peer to Peer Exchange Platform

In this article, the main points of a peer to peer exchange platform will be described.Firstly, peer to peer exchange means there is no central party (or third party) to each transaction. Buyer transact with seller directly. There could be automated peer

2020-06-30 19:59:53

程序员如何开始Machine Learning

In this post, i am writing about how to start applying machine learning (ML) in software program as a software engineer.The picture below shows that in ML, we build ML model using data and results. This stands in contrast to traditional programming where

2020-06-29 21:28:52

Ethereum Blockchain Wallet App with React Native

I recently created an Ethereum blockchain wallet app using React Native. The purpose of the app is such that user can create keys, retrieve keys and send ether to other users. The architecture of the app is dissected in this article. Subsequently, the desi

2020-06-29 20:23:03

Review on Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance

The paper of Castro-Liskov talks about a practical algorithm that is able to tolerate Byzantine faults. The practical algorithm works in asynchronous environments, such as the Internet, and is able to speed up the response time. Byzantine fault happens in

2020-06-29 20:08:14
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