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Maven install problem: Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream。

Maven install problem: Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream。Set Maven run properties and to do rebuilt.goals: dependency:purge-local-repository

2018-03-08 12:58:48

Image Process

import java.awt.AlphaComposite;import java.awt.Graphics2D;import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;import java.io.File;import java.io.IOException;import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;import java...

2017-10-31 09:08:16

Directory short link for Linux

ln -sv [source] [targe]ln -sv /opt/soft/test/test3 /opt/soft/test/test5 Reference URL:  http://www.cnblogs.com/peida/archive/2012/12/11/2812294.html

2017-01-04 16:49:06

How to start a program automatic

Reference URL: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/20357/how-can-i-make-a-script-in-etc-init-d-start-at-boot試過 It's work.注意Script 内容格式,按下面写,如果发现not work 就检查script是否有错。名字可不加.sh, 如:tomcat都ok...

2016-11-01 09:46:18


 Reference as:https://www.if-not-true-then-false.com/2010/install-svn-subversion-server-on-fedora-centos-red-hat-rhel/ https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/13/html/Managing_Confined_Se...

2016-10-05 09:30:31

Cockpit Error

Permission denied Error:use root to login Cockpit in fedora First use command to look service's status:systemctl status cockpit.service -l vi /etc/security/limits.confthen do remark :...

2016-10-04 16:47:26

mysql 存入 blob类型数据

String content = new String(blob.getBytes((long)1, (int)blob.length()));    refrence as : http://knight-black-bob.iteye.com/blog/2213090

2016-09-30 14:25:38

Fedora turn off firewall

 24down voteacceptedIf you are using Fedora >= 18, the server is probably running firewalld, which you can disable by runningsystemctl stop firewalld.serviceas root. You might...

2016-09-07 09:49:52

java send email

[code="java"]static int port = 25; //smtp端口 static String server = "smtp.163.com"; //smtp服务器地址 static String from = "XXX@163.com"; //发送者 static String user = "XXXX@163.com"; //发送者地址...

2016-08-08 00:47:50

phantomjs & casperjs install in l Fedora

phantomjs install in Fedora:if you can not extract phantomjs.tar.bz2 in Fedora, you can extract it in Windowand then do copy.and then to do in Fedora, like that as below:cp phantomjs/bin/phan...

2016-08-06 22:33:52

Json String to Bean

[b]Need Jar:[/b]gson.jar[code="java"]Gson g = new Gson();FolderArray folders = g.fromJson("{\"folders\":[{\"status\":100,\"b\":200},{\"status\":100,\"b\":200}]}", FolderArray

2016-08-03 18:10:50

Run command then close the terminal(Linux)

 Depending on what you are wanting, just add a & to the end of the commandscript.sh &command &If you are running it in a terminal, and you want to then close the terminal, ...

2016-08-03 14:57:39

Java Read Html

[b]Need Jar:[/b]jsoup-1.8.1.jar[code="java"]public static void main(String[] args) { String content=""; try { content = executeGet("qq.com","t.qq.com","pgv_pvi=2633264128; RK=AWk...

2016-07-28 14:37:29

HttpClient Call Website

[b]Need Jar: [/b]htmlunit-2.17-OSGi.jar[code="java"] @SuppressWarnings({ "finally", "deprecation" }) public static String executeGet(String url,String host,String cookie) throws IOException ...

2016-07-28 14:14:13

Java to Excel 2

[b]Use Jar:[/b]poi-3.14-20160307.jarpoi-ooxml-3.14-20160307.jarpoi-ooxml-schemas-3.14-20160307.jarmlbeans-2.6.0.jar[code="java"]try { XSSFWorkbook workbook = new XSSFWorkbook(); ...

2016-07-26 14:04:24

show process in mysql


2016-07-22 11:55:26

Java to Excel

Java to Excelhttps://poi.apache.org/download.htmlhttp://blog.csdn.net/xwin1989/article/details/8947077

2016-07-15 16:14:29


[b]Remark: set userAgent[/b][code="java"]package wisers.backend.worker;import java.io.BufferedReader;import java.io.IOException;import java.io.InputStreamReader;import java.net.URI;i...

2016-06-22 10:17:59

Hibernate3 dynamicUpdate

@org.hibernate.annotations.Entity(dynamicUpdate = true)for Hibernate3 Remark: select record from id first and then set value of you want to update value. as below (BaseService): Object objE...

2016-06-22 10:07:22

Linux rm & cp

rm -rf pf_worker_trainingcp -avr [folder or file] ../pf_worker_training/

2016-05-10 10:59:39


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