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930870 - Determination, valuation, and quantity adjustment of conditions

SymptomThis note explains the meaning of the terms"(Re)determination" "(Re)valuation"and"Quantity adjustment"of conditions in R/3 pricing:1. (Re)determination of conditions:In connectio...

2019-09-30 14:27:36

900089 - Pricing: FORM XKOMV_BEWERTEN processing steps

SymptomThis SAP Note describes the following: a) The sequence in which the most important processing steps are performed during the valuation of the pricing result (FORM XKOMV_BEWERTEN, include L...

2019-09-30 14:02:18


在SAP的价格维护中,我们经常会自定义一些字段,有时这些字段非系统标准字段,无法显示文本,但需要在维护时显示文本或者显示特殊文本。本文就给出用户输入条形码,显示对应物料名称的样例。在系统中我们会找到四个BTE和定价维护相关:00503303 Maintain conditions: Transfers 00503305 Maintain conditions: Field check ...

2019-04-01 10:24:17

Note 886532 - Pricing: Displaying and rounding numbers

SymptomThis consulting note describesa) why certain data fields are displayed differently on screen than they are in the databaseandb) which effects the use of fixed point arithmetic has on ...

2019-03-12 11:46:19

为什么output type condition记录已经维护,但输出不能自动创建IDOC

 今天碰到一个问题,在创建销售订单是,Output type condition记录已经维护,但输出不能自动创建Message?查看了Output type condition记录已经读取,但在NAST表中却无记录。后来查看代码,发现系统在生成NAST记录时,会做一些数据检查。如果检查发现错误,则不生成消息记录。本次问题是因为Partner Profiles的主数据没有维护,系统根据通...

2019-01-29 16:14:13


Enhance Email – NACE – PurchasingEmailing outputs to partners is a standard out-of-the-box feature in SAP Output Control. This blog explains enhancement options available in case you want to control...

2019-01-15 09:22:42


SD Table Access – SAP Note 185530Read SAP Note 185530 before developing new SD report or if your SD report is running slow.1. Accesses to sales orders (tables VBAK, VBAP)Search orders for custom...

2019-01-15 09:12:16


data LV_DATE type DATS.** Add/Substract years to datecall function 'RP_CALC_DATE_IN_INTERVAL' exporting  DATE = SY-DATUM  DAYS = 0  MONTHS = 0  SIGNUM = '-' " to calculate previous date  YEARS...

2018-11-06 09:23:40

Retroactive Billing – VFRB Modification to add credit/debit line

Retro billing process is used to create price differences documents (credit / debit memo) after price changes in SAP.For further : https://blogs.sap.com/2013/05/07/retro-billing-sd-vfrb/OEM suppli...

2018-10-26 17:46:17

Realizing procurement EDI processes with ANSI ASC X12, EDIFACT, and IDocs

IntroductionMost of today’s procurement processes heavily depend on the use of electronic data interchange (EDI). Depending on the industry, different procurement concepts are applied. In the automo...

2018-10-26 17:42:36


有些需求会要求有些项目在ORDRSP中不输出,经过查看函数IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDRSP,大家就会发现很多的CUSTOMER-FUNCTION。下面举个就以无确数量的行项目不输出为例,采用增强EXIT_SAPLVEDC_003(ZXVEDU15)代码,代码如下:  if vbak-vtweg = '11'.   Data w_BMENG like vbep-BMENG.   CLEA...

2018-09-28 14:50:08


下表简单记录了VBxxDATA的内表的变化和简单描述,供大家在做SD订单增强时使用:Table Name Description Create Change(Add,Delete,Modify) VBAK   X   *VBAK       YVBAK Old table status when changing i...

2018-09-04 13:03:54


VBAP-KWMENG(Order Quantity)Cumulative Order Quantity in Sales UnitsThe total (rounded) order quantity for this item.UseIf there is more than one schedule line for the item, the total order qua...

2018-08-16 14:56:31


在最近一次修改订单跟踪表,用户提出需要读取抬头文本。由于用户输入文本时存在多种语言,如果根据用户的语言或者在条件界面设置语言条件来提取文本,发现都会漏取文本。后来经过思索,用先从STXH表中获取抬头文本的语言,再使用该语言传入read_text函数读取文本,这样就确保文本读取,不会出现遗漏。代码摘抄如下:  CLEAR lV_text.  select single TDSPRAS into...

2018-07-16 17:01:28

SD- sap 的修改日志

One of the best weapons in a support consultant’s arsenal is the ability to review document changes.  Sometimes, being able to build a precise timeline around occurrences of an issue can be crucial ...

2018-07-13 13:55:48

SAP SD Reference Guide: SAP Notes

The SAP Support Portal — a.k.a. Service Marketplace, a.k.a. Launchpad — contains a plethora of articles about various SAP errors, issues, and functions.  While a comprehensive catalog of such issues...

2018-07-13 13:49:12


Documentation on the SAPscript graphic administration is available in the system.There are two ways of accessing it:1. Create a graphic directly on the form painter page, for example, using the cont...

2018-06-28 10:24:12


合计字段默认累计,只有当条件类型为价格类型时,字段会重置。请大家参考LV61AA55* fill subtotal work fields      CASE xkomv-kzwiw.        WHEN ' '.        WHEN 'A'.          IF komp-mgame NE 0.            komp-cmpre = xkomv-kwert * 10 /...

2018-04-30 15:43:47

24832 - Pricing rules/TVCPF (定价计算的Pricing type)

SymptomDepending on the situation, the system shouldredetermine conditions ornot. For this, a differentiated control is required, for example:1. When you create orders or billing documents, the cond...

2018-04-27 15:28:18

SD 一些常用的参数(Parameter)

ParameterDescriptionUsageAATOrder typeSD Order Type. Populated on transactions like Create Sales Order (VA01) could be Production order also.AGTQuotation type (RV)SD Quotation Type. Populated on trans...

2018-04-17 10:35:58


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