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Quick setup— if you’ve done this kind of thing beforeorHTTPSSSHGet started bycreating a new fileoruploading an existing file. We recommend every repository include aREADME,LICENSE, an...

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@TOCInstall Git in UbuntuDebian or Ubuntu Linux,sudo apt-get install gitSet you user name and user email$ git config --global user.name "Your Name"$ git config --global user.email "email@exampl...

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01_kaggle - Using a 3D Convolutional Neural Network on medical imaging data (CT Scans) for Kaggle

Kaggle Competition¶Applying a 3D convolutional neural network to the dataWelcome everyone to my coverage of the Kaggle Data Science Bowl 2017. My goal here is that anyone, even people new to kag...

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CPP008_Templates, EXceptions and Files

ContentsFunction TemplatesFunction Templates with Multiple ParametersClass TemplatesTemplate SpecializationExceptionsMore on ExceptionsWorking with FilesMore on FilesFunction TemplatesFunctions and ...

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CPP06 More On Classes

文章目录Separate Files for ClassesDestructorsSelection OperatorConst ObjectsMember InitializesComposition Part 1Composition Part 2The Friend KeywordThe This KeywordOperator OverloadingModule 6 QuizSepara...

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CPP05 Classes and Objects

文章目录What is an Object?What is a Class?Example of a ClassAbstractionEncapsulationExample of EncapsulationConstructorsModule 5 QuizWhat is an Object?What is a Class?Example of a ClassAbstractionEnc...

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CPP04 Functions

Introduction to FunctionsA function is a group of statements that perform a particular task.You may define your own functions in C++.Using functions can have many advantages, including the followin...

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CPP03 Data Types, Arrays, Pointers

IntegersUse the int keyword to define the integer data type.int a =42 ;Several of the basic types, including integers, can be modified using one or more of these type modifiers:signed: A signed...

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文章目录1. 环境配置1.1 Anaconda&Jupyter Notebook安装1.2 远程访问Jupter notebook2. DCGAN实现2.1 数据下载参考PyTorch教程DCGAN,在Jupyter notebook上实现;1. 环境配置1.1 Anaconda&Jupyter Notebook安装conda create -n tf_py36 pyth...

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Paper Review: Adversarial Examples

1. One pixel attack for fooling deep neural networksMotivation:Generating adversarial images can be formalized as an optimization problem with constraints. We assume an input image can be represent...

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Earn A Computer Science Degree Online

文章目录Coursera: 3 Programs1. Arizona State University1.2 Overview1.3 This program is for1.4 Admissions Requirements1.5 Application Information1.6 Degree courses & Specializations you can start right...

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T3. Markdown学习

参考Markdown Cheatsheet** Table of contents**HeadersEmphasisListsLinksImagesCode and Syntax HighlightingTablesBlockquotesInline HTMLHorizontal RuleLine BreaksYouTube VideosHeaders# H1#...

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T2. VIM教程:Cheatsheets

文章目录OverviewLesson 1: Basic EditingLesson 2: Operators & RepetitionLesson 3: Yank & PasteLesson 4: SearchingLesson 5: Marks & MacrosLesson 6: Various MotionsLesson 7: Various Commands参考Gr...

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T1. VIM教程:基本操作

Lesson 1The cursor is moved using either the arrow keys or the hjkl keys.h (left) j (down) k (up) l (right)To start Vim from the shell prompt type: vim FILENAME <ENTER>To exit...

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单帧图像超分辨率1. 环境搭建远程环境服务器, Ubuntu 16.04, GPU 1080 Ti本地应用MobaXterm(与远程建立ssh连接,方便SFTP方式管理远程文件)Sublime(作为本地文本阅读器使用, Markdown,Code)Pycharm(可选,方便工程管理,调试)Vscode(可选,方便工程管理,调试)...

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